WNS found in North Carolina

February 9, 2011

Unfortunately, we have yet another report of a new state now impacted by WNS. North Carolina wildlife officials just announced they’ve found several bats with White-nose Syndrome. You can review some photos of the sick bats on Flickr.


WNS Found in Indiana

February 9, 2011

Bad news. The WNS fungus was recently discovered on a bat in an Indiana cave. Researchers doing biennial bat counts at Endless Cave in Washington County discovered two little brown bats on Jan. 23 that exhibited the white fungus characteristic of WNS. One of the bats was euthanized and sent to the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin, which later confirmed the presence of the WNS-associated fungus. Additional bats with signs of WNS were discovered during routine bat count surveys at other caves, so expect more reports.

Winter bat inventories in Alabama are scheduled to begin on or around February 15 and go through mid-March. Check back soon for updates on WNS in Alabama. Hopefully it won’t arrive this year!

Updated gear decontamination guidelines for cavers

February 9, 2011

The Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced updated guidelines for decontaminating caving gear. You can review the new guidelines here:

WNS Information for Cavers

The major addition is the option to boil equipment for 15 minutes. Refer to the Gear Decontamination page for details.