Why Care About Bats?

Bats are incredible creatures and an essential part of our natural world! Did you know that bats help control pests that annoy us (like mosquitoes) and also pests that damage crops. One small colony of 150 bats can eat up to 33 million crop pests in a single summer. Just think of how much pesticide the farmer won’t have to use because bats are doing so much work! In some parts of the world, bats also help pollinate important crops. Here in Alabama, our bat populations eat tons of insects every single summer night. One little brown bat can eat 1,200 insects in one night! Just think, that’s 8,400 in one week, and 36,000 in one month! That’s pretty impressive for a tiny little bat.

Unfortunately, bats are also very misunderstood. Many people are scared of bats, but don’t be! They’re gentle creatures and won’t attack you, get caught in your hair, or suck your blood. They just want to flit around in the summer sky catching insects and then going home to sleep in a nice, dark cave. For more information about bats, check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

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