Clean Caving

“Clean Caving” is the idea that in the new era of WNS, it’s a great idea to take clean gear into any cave you visit. Caves have very complex and interesting animals living inside them, many that we don’t know anything about. There are also a host of new and dangerous wildlife diseases besides WNS that could be a danger to cave animals. Chytrid, for example, is another type of fungus decimating amphibian species. Cave salamanders may be vulnerable to this disease. This is just one example. To help prevent spreading anything nasty between caves, take up the mantra of “clean caving.” Wash your gear after every cave trip. First hose all of your gear off in your yard, then throw everything in the washing machine with a bit of Woolite. Please consider decontaminating gear. Harass your friends who show up for caving with muddy boots or muddy clothes. The cavers working on this blog even have good luck washing hiking boots in the washing machine. So join us in clean caving to help protect our caves!

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