Bat Education Resources

Bat Conservation International’s (BCI) Bat Outreach

Topics include:

  • Bats101
  • requently Asked Questions about Bats
  • Answers to Questions about Bats and Rabies
  • A Guide to Safe & Humane Exclusions
  • Things YOU can do to promote bat conservation
  • Bat Houses? Here’s How!
  • Forest Management & Bats

BCI’s Educator Curriculum
BCI has some great resources for educators!

A to Z Stuff For Kids

Bat Resources for Kids, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Curriculum, and more!

One Response to Bat Education Resources

  1. Jesse lesperance says:

    We’re looking for someone to come speak to our Boy Scout troop pack 350 in Madison, al about bat conservation in July before our hike to Sauta Cave. Do you have any recommendations for individuals or groups we could contact?

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